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For over two decades, the Peterson Ohana has been a beacon of delight in the Maui community, consistently serving up the finest Maui shave ice, aromatic espresso drinks, and a variety of delicious local treats. The journey began in August 2000 when the patriarch of the Peterson Ohana, Douglas Peterson, embarked on a mission to introduce the island to his unique blend of Maui Espresso. Many locals and visitors fondly remember when the eldest son passionately managed the business from a quaint wooden kiosk. This iconic spot, offering mouthwatering Maui shave ice and other delectable treats, was strategically situated in the southwest corner of the Rainbow Mall parking lot.

As time passed, in 2003, the baton was passed to the youngest son and his wife. They took the reins, infusing their touch, and operated under the banner of S&Q Coffee and Shave Ice. Their dedication to quality was evident, especially in their commitment to serving refreshing shave ice in Maui which became a favorite for many. Then, in 2017, history seemed to come full circle. The eldest son, accompanied by his wife, made a heartfelt comeback to oversee the cherished family venture. With fresh energy and vision, they rebranded the establishment as “Beach Street Maui”. One thing remained unchanged throughout these years: our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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We’ve always aimed to offer the finest products and beach treats, ensuring every visitor has something special to add to their “Maui Day”. We take immense pride in our dedication to organic products and our continuous efforts to source ingredients locally, supporting our community. E Komo Mai (welcome) from our Ohana to yours – in the spirit of the island, we say Mahalo and Aloha!

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Shave Ice Maui
Shave Ice Maui
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